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Good help [Tuesday
January fucking 12th @ 6:32pm]

There's a site about makeup that is really amazing. It is in portuguese, but have a lot of inspiration photos.
diadebeaute.com/ Hope you like it.
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February fucking 1st @ 2:07pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay so I am in love with liquid eye liner right. But the one I have looks great but after like a few hours it chips off.
what's a good brand? I'm using mary kay right now and yeah.

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Please Help!!! [Monday
July fucking 30th @ 6:48am]

[ mood | worried ]

Hey there, 
       I have been totally freaking out lately because my hair is shedding all over quite excessively to the point now that it is scaring me. About 2 1/2 weeks ago I bleached it all. It came out okie in some areas but in others it was a bit too bright for my complexion. I used a bit of a darker blonde to tone it down a little. For a while it was fine, I even bought John Frieda's Blonde Shampoo. Now I have dyed my hair all the colors of the rainbow for the last ten years of my life. But I have kept it quite tame for my job.  I have never seen so much of my hair fall out my head!!! Eep!
Please help. Any suggestions are very much appreciate and thanked with a hug.
I don't want to loose anymore hair!  >,<

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June fucking 4th @ 10:53am]

Hey all, I am getting so bored of my red hair which I've had for several years, it was blonde fried before this and I have finally gotten it back to a healthy condition.
Trouble is, I have this thing called ADD with my hair and I'm constantly wanting to change it, my usual stylist advises me aganist going back blonde but I just really really really want it.

Luckily, I have found somebody new who has no record of my hair history.. he he he.. my question is though, because I've had my hair colored red for so long and red pigment is apparently sooo hard to get out, how do I make it so it doesn't go ginger? Is it really a good idea afterall?

In any case, I have tried out bleech on my hair, using 40 vol then 20 vol with no toner, it turned out pretty golden, but much less than what I expected.
Heres a pic of it
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May fucking 18th @ 12:32am]


I want to cut my hair really short, but don't know how I should do it. any thoughts?
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