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Please Help!!!

Hey there, 
       I have been totally freaking out lately because my hair is shedding all over quite excessively to the point now that it is scaring me. About 2 1/2 weeks ago I bleached it all. It came out okie in some areas but in others it was a bit too bright for my complexion. I used a bit of a darker blonde to tone it down a little. For a while it was fine, I even bought John Frieda's Blonde Shampoo. Now I have dyed my hair all the colors of the rainbow for the last ten years of my life. But I have kept it quite tame for my job.  I have never seen so much of my hair fall out my head!!! Eep!
Please help. Any suggestions are very much appreciate and thanked with a hug.
I don't want to loose anymore hair!  >,<
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